Tommy & The Dipsticks (The Crooked Hearts)

by Greg Morris on January 26, 2012

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Tommy & The Dipsticks were a Sydney based Punk Rock band that started around 1977. The Dipsticks’ guitarists John Cowper & Peter Mullany from Johnny Dole & The Scabs were school mates so Peter was able to help the band with their first gig.

Tommy & The Dipsticks like Johnny Dole & The Scabs were one of the few Punk Rock bands at the time to play in an English style doing covers of Rolling Stones and Beatles songs plus a few originals thrown in for good measure.

When the doors to the legendary Grand Hotel – Broadway Sydney were opened for the first time on Friday 16th September 1977 a support band was needed and Peter suggested his mate’s band. It was agreed to give them a go and as it turned out they were a great match and they went on to support them many more times.

The bands for that opening night were Johnny Dole & The Scabs supported by Tommy & The Dipsticks for just $1.00 so in reality Tommy & The Dipsticks have the distinction of being the first band to play at the Grand Hotel.

After Johnny Dole & The Scabs disbanded, Johnny Dole & Peter Mullany joined forces with Tommy & The Dipsticks and The Crooked Hearts were born, mid 1978.

Line-up: Tommy & The Dipsticks

  • John Cowper – Guitar/Vocals
  • Tommy Ebejer – Bass/Vocals
  • Russell McRae – Drums/Vocals

Line-up: The Crooked Hearts

  • Johnny Dole – Lead Vocals
  • Peter Mullany – Guitar
  • John Cowper – Guitar/Vocals
  • Tommy Ebejer – Bass/Vocals
  • Russell McRae – Drums/Vocals
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