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Exhumed 2014 Band Competition

by Helen Gibson October 19, 2014

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend a function that, until recently, had never heard of. Sydney ABC’s radio presenter James Valentine, formerly of The Models, is the mastermind of this competition which is in its third year of production and is bringing out the best of garage band talent. Exhumed was […]

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An Apology

by Mark Gibson October 8, 2014

Due to circumstances well beyond my control recently, I have not been paying this site as much attention as I normally do. This includes being absolutely terrible in dealing with emails. Unfortunately this site is my hobby so when other more important situations arise this site suffers but I must apologise to those who have […]

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Australian Gig Guide and Chart Listings for October 1987

by Mark Gibson October 2, 2014

We are building quite a collection of historical gigs and chart listings in our database so we thought we’d have a go at putting together some monthly gig guides and chart lists from way back when. Our first instalment is October 1987. In October 1987 we were going through a Global Stockmarket crash known as […]

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The Thought Criminals

by Greg Morris September 4, 2014

The Thought Criminals were one of those unique bands whose popularity was based on their quirkiness as well as having great songs. Emerging from Sydney in late 1977 they found themselves wrapped up in the burgeoning Punk Rock scene, not a bad thing if you wanted to be part of it …… and luckily they […]

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Johnny O'Keefe

Johnny O’Keefe

by Greg Morris April 3, 2014

Do a search on the internet for Johnny O’Keefe (aka J.O.K. or The Wild One) and you will find plenty to keep you busy reading. But for the uninitiated here is a rundown on a man who released over 50 singles, over 40 EP’s and over 30 albums. He is also credited as being an […]

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Glenn Shorrock

Glenn Shorrock

by Mark Gibson January 19, 2014

Glenn Shorrock is a rare talent. Most people would consider being in one successful band enough. Glenn Shorrock has been in more than three very successful bands as well as enjoying a brilliant solo career. Add to this the number of hits written by Glenn and you get some sense of the musical quality of […]

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The Shanghaied Project

The Shanghaied Project

by Mark Gibson January 12, 2014

The Shanghaied Project is creating quite a bit of news recently. It was originally conceived as a one-off recording project to raise funds to aid Mi-Sex guitarist Kevin Stanton who requires specialised neck surgery in the U.K. The idea was to gather a bunch of Australia’s music industry greats to re-record a Mi Sex song […]

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Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014

by Mark Gibson December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014 to all our readers and contributors. 2013 was a huge year for our sites which now include this one, the AustralianMusicDatabase our Facebook page at and our twitter feed at These sites would not be what they are without the help of all the wonderful people that […]

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by Mark Gibson December 10, 2013

Blackfeather was a band that went through a number of distinct phases, starting out as a progressive/heavy rock band and ending up as more of a boogie/rock band. As you can see by the list of musicians below, they also went through a very large amount of lineup changes which probably prevented them from having […]

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New Zealand Fantasy Band

by Mark Gibson November 27, 2013

New Zealand Fantasy Band 1970; Picture from left to right. John Carroll Vocals; Ron “Bert” Harris Lead Guitar; Michael Brown Bass; Mike Cassidy Drums (Editors note: This contribution was made possible by Mike Cassidy and John Carroll who both contributed information on this band. Massive thanks to them both.) A band out of nowhere. Won a Sydney […]

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