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Sherbet was a band I didn’t rate very highly for a while until I saw them live. I suppose they were considered a little bit lightweight if you only went on the stuff the radio was playing but when you saw them live, they were the real deal. Great musicians, well written songs and a brilliant vocalist, they had the lot.

Sherbet was formed in 1969 by Clive Shakespeare with members of three Sydney bands. He had been in a band called Downtown Roll Band. With fellow members Doug Rae on bass & Danny Taylor on drums, he recruited Sam See on keys from Clapham Junction and Dennis Laughlin from Sebastian Hardie Blues Band on lead vocals. Like a lot of bands their lineup was fluid in the early days but by 1972 the first classic lineup of Daryl Braithwaite on vocals, Clive Shakespeare on guitar, Garth Porter on keys, Alan Sandow on drums and Tony Mitchell on bass.

They toured relentlessly and were known as one of the hardest working and most professional acts of the time. All the while Daryl Braithwaite was having solo success as well. He was named “King Of Pop” from three years running from 1975 – 1977 and Sherbet were voted Best Australian Group five years in a row from 1973 to 1978.

In 1976 Clive Shakespeare left due largely to the heavy pressure and relentless touring. He was replaced by Harvey James, who had been successful in both Mississippi and Ariel, just as the band were hitting peak popularity. Like too many bands of their era they tried to break into the U.S. market but never quite pulled it off. They changed their name to “Highway” to try and get away from their previous bubblegum pop image but despite having some great local success the band decided to fold in late 1979.

The break was brief, however, and they were back in 1980 as “Sherbs” with the same lineup. A couple more years of touring saw them again call it quits in 1984 although they have performed at various one off events like the Harvey James Tribute Concert.


  • Alan Sandow – Drums
  • Clive Shakespeare – Guitar
  • Dennis Laughlin – Vocals
  • Danny Taylor – Drums
  • Sam See – Keyboards
  • Doug Rae – Bass
  • Garth Porter – Keyboards
  • Daryl Braithwaite – Vocals
  • Bruce Worrall – Bass
  • Tony Mitchell – Bass, Vocals
  • Harvey James – Guitar
  • Ian Gunther Gorman – Guitar
  • Tony Leigh – Guitar

More details on Sherbet members at the Australian Music Database

Notable Recordings

  • The Single Howzat! was released in 1976 and got to number 1
  • The Album Howzat! was released in 1976 and got to number 1
  • The Single Summer Love was released in 1975 and got to number 1
  • The Album Slipstream was released in 1974 and got to number 3
  • The Album Life… Is For Living was released in 1975 and got to number 3

More Sherbet recordings here



  • 19/03/69 – Brookvale Oval Manly, NSW
  • 11/03/73 – Canberra Showground Canberra, ACT
  • 23/09/73 – Capitol Theatre Sydney, NSW
  • 17/02/74 – The Hordern Pavillion Moore Park, NSW
  • 27/06/76 – The Hordern Pavillion Moore Park, NSW

More Sherbet gigs here

Sherbet Videos

You're All Woman 1973

Slipstream 1974

Summer Love 1975

Howzat! 1976

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1 Peter July 18, 2013 at 8:17 pm

I agree with you Mark, I grew up with knowing Sherbet from only the music that was popular.. but until you look behind the band and see the work they put in, they were one of Aussies best bands, leading the way in many ways throughout the 70s.. Listening to their music now, and I appreciate it more, as it hasn’t dated, as some stuff has, still as popular today as then…


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