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by Greg Morris on September 21, 2011

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That's Right!

That’s Right! were a Sydney based Rock band who formed when members of cover band Shanghai became unhappy with the direction the band was taking. Realizing they had a common interest in doing original songs and wanting to take it into a rockier feel they recruited a new guitarist and after a few rehearsals started gigging early 1992.

Unfortunately the bass player had to leave due to work commitments so another one was brought in but he too soon left. And to make matters worse around this time the lead singer was having second thoughts. Wanting to get back to his first love, Country music he left and returned to Victoria.

This all took place in the first 12 months so things weren’t looking too good until the 3rd line-up solidified the new sound and direction. Also, at this time the band became a 4 piece no longer having a front man. The band started to gig early 1993 at such venues as Clovelly RSL, Bexley North Hotel and Mick Maulins – Sans Souci to name just a few.

Demos were recorded at Hampton Coarse Studios – Kogarah and two of these were used for videos and can be viewed on You Tube.

Somebody Up There

You Only Saved My Life

Unfortunately the band called it a day late 1994 but they packed in quite a lot for its short history.

Line-Up One (1992)

  • Cameron Mason – Lead Vocals
  • Noel Furnacello – Bass/Vocals
  • Leigh Randal – Guitar/Vocals
  • Jeff Stevenson – Guitar/Vocals
  • Greg Morris – Drums/Vocals

Line-Up Two (1992)

  • Cameron Mason – Lead Vocals
  • Andy Judd – Bass
  • Leigh Randal – Guitar/Vocals
  • Jeff Stevenson – Guitar/Vocals
  • Greg Morris – Drums/Vocals

Line-Up Three (1993 – 1994)

  • Enzo Magistro – Bass
  • Leigh Randal – Guitar/Vocals
  • Jeff Stevenson – Guitar/Lead Vocals
  • Greg Morris – Drums/Vocals

Where Are They Now?
Greg Morris and Enzo Magistro are now playing in Sydney cover band Mad Cow.
Visit Greg’s web site:
Cameron Mason is now living in Victoria pursing a career in Country music.
Jeff Stevenson – unfortunately is no longer involved in the music business.
Leigh Randall, Andy Judd and Noel Furnacello – unknown.

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