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  1. Liza Feeney
    February 6, 2013

    Loved reading this! Certainly brought back memories for me, Baby Sugar Loud, Falling Joys (I was a regular at the Sando on a Sunday afternoon when the brothers would play (can’t remember their name), such great times, we lived just down the road, one night my boyfriend Lyall helped them fight off a bunch of bikers! Def FX were awesome, Fiona Horne is a fellow witch and you can see it inspired a lot of their lyrics. She has gone on to write many books, has spoken at Harvard and loves skydiving, scuba diving and has a pilot’s licence! I loved being a partaker of these memorable eras and now my son is in a band on vocals and guitar, and my cousin Dean is in a band – Papercrane – and they are gigging all over the old stomping grounds of these fine bands and are getting AirPlay on JJJ, I’m so proud of his achievements and it’s great to see new bands emerging of the same genre!

    • Chris
      February 7, 2013

      Cheers Liza!

  2. paul harrigan
    February 13, 2013

    I really enjoyed the article, it bought back memeories both fond and painful. I happened to be right amongst the late 80’s Balmain scene, particularly with The Beefs. I first met Alex (Wasiliev), Kinnon (Holt), Declan (Kelly) and Mitch (Grainger) while working at Fat Boy Studios. The guys (kids at the time) rocked up to do a demo with all their instruments loaded into two shopping trolleys……most of their gear was falling to bits, but as soon as they started playing….. WOW.
    I started doing sound for them and our Saturday nights for the next year was build the stage at the Sando out of milk crates and chip board, mix from the desk in the stairwell, load the car drive to St Peters Hotel play for an hour then haul arse with the rear of my car dragging along King Street to the Bridge Hotel for a 1am to 3am set.
    Great memories.

    • Chris
      February 14, 2013

      It was indeed a great era for us all – a fantastic scene to be part of!

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